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Wednesday, Jan 5, 2005 Parshas Vaera 24 Tevet, 5765
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Yaakov Menken

Rabbi Menken is a veteran analyst of the global Jewish scene. Project Genesis has helped with the hosting of Jewish World Review since its inception, and Yaakov Menken has contributed articles to JWR on tolerance, the value of life, the risks of the Internet (which also appeared elsewhere) and other topics.

Recently, Rabbi Menken led the technical development of Contact Loved Ones, an open voicemail system for those displaced by recent natural disasters. This story was picked up by the general media and especially by technical publications.

Yaakov Menken joined Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein, of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, in creating Cross-Currents, a journal of traditional Jewish thought, in late 2004. This award-winning web log, or blog, features ten recognized, outstanding Orthodox rabbis and teachers. The name Cross-Currents reflects, in Rav Adlerstein's words, the aspiration "to expose the intersection between two currents: the timeless flow of authentic Torah thought, and the ebb and tide of current affairs."

Rabbi Menken earned his Bachelor's degree from Princeton University in Computer Science, and pursued Rabbinic studies in Yeshivas Ohr Somayach, Beth Medrash Gavoha in Lakewood and Jerusalem, and the Mirrer Yeshiva Jerusalem, before founding Project Genesis in 1993.

Rabbi Yaakov Menken is the author of a recent book in the "Everything" series from Adams Media; The Everything Torah Book is a general introduction to Torah beliefs, philosophy, and history, with a generous mix of Torah thoughts originally published on

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The Torah learned on this site today should be l'ilyui nishmas Shprintza bas Yehuda Aryeh
Y'bodel bein chaim l'chaim
This Torah should also bring a nechama and refuah shalayma to her husband Pinchas ben Chaya Yenta