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The History Timeline gives the student the big picture and context of all his future Torah education by taking him on a visual journey through the 6,000 years of World History based on 43 key events. As the child contemplates this all-encompassing view of history, he can answer to himself: 'Where am I in time?' 'Where do I come from?' 'What happened before me?' 'Where is the world leading?' 'Why am I frum?'
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The goal of the Lashon Hatorah program is to give children the ability to become independent translators of the Hebrew language of the Torah. It does this by focusing on the 2 key elements of Lashon Hakodesh:

  1. Key Vocabulary Words
  2. Prefixes and Suffixes

Key Vocabulary Words:

Of the 16,000 words in Chumash Bereishis, 80% are variations of the same 303 shoresh words.
The workbooks and flashcards in the vocabulary section all focus on these 303 key shoresh words.

It is not necessary for a child to know every shoresh in Chumash. Let them focus on the most frequently appearing words, the 303 key shoresh words. With this pool of vocabulary words as a base, the child's real reading independence will come from proficiency in the Prefixes and Suffixes.

Prefixes and Suffixes:

The secret to mastering Hebrew lies in understanding how the meaning of shoresh words change when Prefixes and Suffixes are attached to them.

We divide the Prefixes and Suffixes into 4 simple, logical and color-coded categories:

  1. The Brown banner contains the major prefixes.
  2. The Yellow banner contains the major suffixes (including orange for the "more than one" group).
  3. The Red banner contains the prefixes for future tense.
  4. The Blue banner contains the suffixes for past tense.

Okay got it. Now where do I start?

We recommend starting with the Climbing Har Sinai Workbook and Vocabulary Cards for vocab, and Prefixes/Suffixes Bookmark, Flashcards, and Rabbi Winder's Workbooks for Prefix/Suffixes. These materials will give your child a solid foundation for achieving true reading independence in Hebrew.

Lashon Hatorah Prefixes/Suffixes
Lashon Hatorah Vocabulary
Lashon Hatorah Activities

The Chumash Memory-System is a simple system for memorizing all the chapters in Chumash, along with the essential information of each chapter. This system is an excellent complement to actual Chumash learning, boosting the student's self-esteem and confidence in his own memory as he learns the outline of the entire Chumash.
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This program builds the student's confidence by giving him the tools to teach himself the Taryag Mitzvot -- the skeleton of the Torah.
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