Commuter's Chavrusah Series 02 - Bamidbar/Devorim

This is part of the Full Series 2

Lecture Titles:
1)  Bamidbar -- Going Up To Yerushalayim for Yom Tov: Does it Apply Today?
2)  Nasso -- Sheitel: A Woman's Obligation to Cover Her Hair
3)  Beha'aloscha -- Waiting Between Meat and Milk: Adults and Children
4)  Sh'lach -- The Minyan: Who Counts?
5)  Korach -- May the State of Israel Extradite a Jewish Criminal?
6)  Chukas/Balak -- Intermarriage
7)  Pinchas -- The Yarmulka: At Home and In the Office
8)  Ki Seitzei -- Polygamy and the Cherem of Rabeinu Gershom
9)  Ki Savo -- Learning Hebrew: Mitzvah or Not?
10)  Ha'azinu -- The Mitzvah of Writing a Sefer Torah

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