Commuter's Chavrusah Series 28 - Bereishis

This is part of Commuter's Chavrusah full series 28

Lecture Titles:
1)  Bereishis 28 - Forgetting Mashiv HaRuach on Friday Night
2)  Noach 28 - Plastic Surgery for Shidduchim Purposes
3)  Lech Lecha 28 - Milah For The Son Of A Jewish Father and a Non Jewish Mother
4)  Vayeira 28 - Davening at Neitz or Davening with a Minyan: Which is Better?
5)  Chayei Sara 28 - "I Know She is Holding by Getting Engaged to Someone Else, But I Want To Try Going Out With Her Anyway" Mutar or Asur?
6)  Toldos 28 - The Bar Mitzvah Bochur Who Leined His Haftorah By Heart
7)  Vayeitzei 28 - Why Was Raachel Emeinu Punished for Stealing Her Father's Idols and Not Avraham Avinu?
8)  Vayishlach 28 - The Aufruf in Halacha and Minhag (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WEEK THE PARSHA PART OF THE SHIUR IS FIRST)
9)  Vayeishev 28 - Saved Miraculously from a Car Accident? Is There a Special Bracha?
10)  Mikeitz 28 - Which is Better: Lighting the Menorah Yourself Later at Night or with a Shaliach/wife at the ProperTime?
11)  Vayigash 28 - Waking Up Early to Eat Before a Taanis
12)  Vayechi 28 - Yahrzeit: Day of Death or Day of Funeral? Customs and Other Yahrzeit Issues

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