Full Commuter's Chavrusah Series 28

This series inlcudes Bereishis, Sh'mos, Vayikra, Bamidbar and Devorim

Lecture Titles:
1)  Vayikra 28 - Blood On Your Finger/Gums: Is It Permitted To Suck It? and Other Maaris Ayin Issues
2)  Pesach 28 - Bedikas Chometz In Your Car? Non-Jews At Your Seder and Other Pesach Issues and Thoughts on the Hagaddah
3)  Sh'mini 28 - Bugs in the Soup - What Should You Do?
4)  Tazria 28 - The Shabbos Bris and the Borei P'ri Ha'gefen
5)  Kedoshim 28 - A Bracha on Tums? On Listerine Strips? And Other Brachos Issues
6)  Emor 28 - Mesiras Nefesh Challenges from Biblical Times Through the 20th Century
7)  Behar 28 - The Friend Who Reneged on Their Power Ball Agreement.
8)  Bechukosai 28 - The Case of the Women of Vienna and the Incredible Response of the Rabonim
9)  Bamidbar 28 - What Bracha on Cheesecake?; Is It BH or BSD? and other Shavuous Issues
10)  Nasso 28 - Listening to Music - As Mutar As You Think?
11)  Sh'lach 28 - Going to Daven at a Cemetery - Not As Simple As You Think
12)  Korach 28 - The Chasam Sofer's Battle Against the Reform Movement
13)  Chukas 28 - Postponing A Funeral - Revisited
14)  Balak 28 - Must You Wait for the Rav to Finish Shmoneh Esrai? Thoughts on the Tragic Kindnapping and Killing of the 3 Bochrim H"YD in Eretz Yisroel
15)  Pinchas 28 - Goral: Can You Have A Raffle For A Sefer Torah?
16)  Special Interest 28 - The Nine Days: A Time To Do Something About the Shidduch Crisis
17)  Shoftim 28 - The Danger of Cutting Down a Fruit Tree
18)  Ki Setizei 28 - MeSameach Choson V'Kallah - How Many Bochrim Should Go to a Chasunah?
19)  Ki Savo 28 - Are Women Obligated in Yishuv Eretz Yisroel
20)  Nitzavim/Vayeilech 28 - Fascinating Halachos Pertaining to a Choleh on Yom Kippur
21)  Special Interest 28 - The Yeshiva Bochur/Bais Yaaov Girl- 25 Years Later - What Shape Are You In?
22)  Teshuva 28 - In The End It Is All About Emunah
23)  Bereishis 28 - Forgetting Mashiv HaRuach on Friday Night
24)  Noach 28 - Plastic Surgery for Shidduchim Purposes
25)  Lech Lecha 28 - Milah For The Son Of A Jewish Father and a Non Jewish Mother
26)  Vayeira 28 - Davening at Neitz or Davening with a Minyan: Which is Better?
27)  Chayei Sara 28 - "I Know She is Holding by Getting Engaged to Someone Else, But I Want To Try Going Out With Her Anyway" Mutar or Asur?
28)  Toldos 28 - The Bar Mitzvah Bochur Who Leined His Haftorah By Heart
29)  Vayeitzei 28 - Why Was Raachel Emeinu Punished for Stealing Her Father's Idols and Not Avraham Avinu?
30)  Vayishlach 28 - The Aufruf in Halacha and Minhag (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS WEEK THE PARSHA PART OF THE SHIUR IS FIRST)
31)  Vayeishev 28 - Saved Miraculously from a Car Accident? Is There a Special Bracha?
32)  Mikeitz 28 - Which is Better: Lighting the Menorah Yourself Later at Night or with a Shaliach/wife at the ProperTime?
33)  Vayigash 28 - Waking Up Early to Eat Before a Taanis
34)  Vayechi 28 - Yahrzeit: Day of Death or Day of Funeral? Customs and Other Yahrzeit Issues
35)  Sh'mos 28 - Placing A Person in a Non-Kosher Mental Institution
36)  Va'eyra 28 - Is It Mutar To Say the Names of Cities Like Mumbai, Corpus Christi and Even Satmar and Sans? - Why Not?
37)  Bo 28 - Can Your Wife Put Your Tefilin on You?
38)  B'shalach 28 - Are Women Obligated in Lechem Mishna?
39)  Yisro 28 - "I Want Your House and I'll Make You an Offer You Can't Refuse": Muttar or Assur?
40)  Mishpatim 28 - The Case of the Sefer That Was Borrowed and Never Returned
41)  T'rumah 28 - Pushka and Tzedaka Shailos
42)  Titzaveh 28 - The Case of the Woman Who Slept Through Licht Bentching Friday Night
43)  Vayakheil 28 - Borer Shailos: Piles of Seforim, Pots in the Fridge and the Messy Freezer
44)  Pikudei 28 - The Case of the Mishloach Manos That Was Delivered to the Wrong Person and Other Purim Issues

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