Commuter's Chavrusah Series 29 - Sh'mos

This is part of Commuter's Chavrusah Full Series 29

Lecture Titles:
1)  Sh'mos 29 - Cap and Gown at Graduation: Is There an Halachic Problem?
2)  Va'eyra 29 - Snow Shailos
3)  Bo 29 - Oy Vey! My Tefillin Have Been Pasul Since My Bar Mitzva
4)  B'shalach 29 - Parshas Zachor for Women After Davening: Is It Kosher? and Other K'rias HaTorah Issues
5)  Yisro 29 - The Shul Kiddush Shabbos Morning: Two Interesting Shailos
6)  Yisro 29 - Kiddush Shabbos Day - Must Everyone Drink the Wine?
7)  Mishpatim 29 - Treating Ebola Patients; The Har Nof Massacre and Kidney Donations
8)  T'rumah 29 - I Want To Take Back The Keser Torah(Sefer Torah Crown) That I Donated: Should the Shul Agree?
9)  Titzaveh 29 - Parshas Zachor: Shoud You Read Along with the Baal Koreh Or Just Listen? Must You Be Yotzeh with the Brachos Also? and Other Parshas Zachor Issues
10)  Vayakheil/Pikudei 29 - " It's A Siman Min Hashamayim" It There Such a Thing?

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