Commuter's Chavrusah Series 30 - Sh'mos

This is part of Commuter's Chavrusah full series 30

Lecture Titles:
1)  Sh'mos 30 - Sitting Next to Someone Who is Davening Sh'moneh Esrai - Is It Permitted?
2)  Va'eyra 30 - Should You Make A Bracha on Seeing President Donald Trump?
3)  Bo 30 - Chodesh Issues: Women and Kiddush Levana; Getting Married in the Latter Half of the Chodesh?
4)  B'shalach 30 - Lechem Mishna: What Exactly Is the Mitzva? Are Women Obligated? Must You Make Your Own Bracha on Your Slice?
5)  Yisro 30- Saying Kaddish: All the Aveilim Together or Each One Individually on a Rotating Basis
6)  Mishpatim 30 - Finding a $20 Bill in Shul: Can You Keep It? Finding a Comb in a Mikvah: Can You Keep It?
7)  Titzaveh 30 - Wearing A Gartel - Are The Chasidim Right?
8)  Ki Sisa 30 - Nagel Vaaser By Your Bed: Necessary?
9)  Vayakheil 30 -A Fascinating Muktzeh/Tevilas Keilim Shaila
10)  Pikudei 30 - Finishing a Sefer of Tanach: Does It Warrant a Seduas Siyum? and Other Siyum Issues

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