Full Commuter's Chavrusah Series 30

This Full Set of Commuter's Chavrusah includes sefer Bereishis, Sh'mos, Vayikra, Bamidbar and Devorim

Lecture Titles:
1)  Vayikra 30 - Oy! I Forgot To Have Kavanah in Sh'monei Esrei - Now What?
2)  Bamidbar 30- When Should Women Light Candles for Shavuos?
3)  Nasso 30 - Davening/Bentching/Making Kiddush in Front of a Woman Who Is Not Properly Dressed
4)  Beha'aloscha 30 - Should You Daven for the Same Choleh Over and Over Again?
5)  Sh'lach 30 - Oh Oh Some-one Took My Tallis by Accident and Left His; Can I Use His Tallis
6)  Korach 30 - The Shul That Did Not Say Tachanun By Mistake; Now What? and Other Tachanun Issues
7)  Chukas 30 - Can You Remove Your Yarmulka for a Job Interview?
8)  Balak 30 - Having Coffee in Starbucks: Is It Mutar
9)  Pinchas 30 - A Tisha B'av Message: The Golden Rule - Don't Do Unto Others What You Don't Want Done Unto You
10)  Sh'mini 30 - Oops! I Spoke After Netilas Yadayim- Now What?
11)  Tazria 30 - An Aliyah After Your Wife Gives Birth Revisited
12)  Acharei Mos 30 - Performing Mitzvos During the Holocaust
13)  Kedoshim 30 - "I Don't Carry In The Eruv, You Do" - Can You Carry My Tallis for Me?
14)  Emor 30 -The Fascinating Case of the Kohain Who Showed Up In Shul After They Sold The Aliyah to A Yisroel
15)  Behar 30 - The Price of Fish for Shabbos Went Sky High - What Can the Kehilla Do?
16)  Bechukosai 30 - A Tragic Holocaust Shailah
17)  Shoftim 30 - Cutting Down Your Fruit Tree for Your S'chach
18)  Ki Seitzei 30- Is a Woman Allowed to Carry a Gun?
19)  Ki Savo 30 - Erasing a Tatoo of the Shem Hashem - Davening for Personal Needs on Rosh Hashana
20)  Nitzavim 30 - The Case of the Esrog That Was Not As Advertised
21)  Teshuva 30 - "Is Your Master In Your Pocket''
22)  Special Interest 30 - In Praise of Jewish Women
23)  Bereishis 30- Can You Make Kiddush for Some-one If It Is Not Shabbos for You?
24)  Noach 30 - The Dilemma of the Day School Rebbi: A Non-Jewish Child in His Class. Can He Teach Him?
25)  Lech Lecha 30 - Giving Gifts to Non-Jews
26)  Vayeira 30 - Oy! I Had Eggplant Parmesan for Lunch on Friday: Can I Have Fleishig for the Shabbos Seuda?
27)  Chayei Sarah 30 -- Lying About Some-one's Age When it Comes to Shidduchim
28)  Toldos 30 - An Orthodox Minyan in a Conservative Shul: Is There a Problem with Ma'aris Ayin?
29)  Vayeitzei 30 - Is One Allowed To Shower Before Davening?
30)  Vayishlach 30 - Did the Gadol Make a Mistake?
31)  Vayeishev 30 - Endangering Oneself to Fulfill the Mitzva of Kibud Av
32)  Mikeitz 30 - Oops! I Bentched Shabbos Candles But I Forgot to Bentch Chanukah Licht - Now What?
33)  Vayigash 30 - Ectogenesis: Artificial Wombs - The Coming Era of Motherless Birth?
34)  Vayechi 30 - Honoring Your Parents Wishes After Their Death: How Far Must You Go?
35)  Sh'mos 30 - Sitting Next to Someone Who is Davening Sh'moneh Esrai - Is It Permitted?
36)  Va'eyra 30 - Should You Make A Bracha on Seeing President Donald Trump?
37)  Bo 30 - Chodesh Issues: Women and Kiddush Levana; Getting Married in the Latter Half of the Chodesh?
38)  B'shalach 30 - Lechem Mishna: What Exactly Is the Mitzva? Are Women Obligated? Must You Make Your Own Bracha on Your Slice?
39)  Yisro 30- Saying Kaddish: All the Aveilim Together or Each One Individually on a Rotating Basis
40)  Mishpatim 30 - Finding a $20 Bill in Shul: Can You Keep It? Finding a Comb in a Mikvah: Can You Keep It?
41)  Titzaveh 30 - Wearing A Gartel - Are The Chasidim Right?
42)  Ki Sisa 30 - Nagel Vaaser By Your Bed: Necessary?
43)  Vayakheil 30 -A Fascinating Muktzeh/Tevilas Keilim Shaila
44)  Pikudei 30 - Finishing a Sefer of Tanach: Does It Warrant a Seduas Siyum? and Other Siyum Issues

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