Commuter's Chavrusah Series 31 - Bamidbar

This is part of Commuter's Chavrusah Full Series 31

Lecture Titles:
1)  Bamidbar 31 - Can You Make The Second Day Of Shavos Early? An American Mohel In Israel On The Second Day Of Shavuos - Can He Perform A Bris?
2)  Nasso 31- The Sole Practioner Lawyer and His Jewish Secretary - a Yichud Problem?
3)  Beha'aloscha 31-Bringing a Sefer Torah to The House of an Avail or Temporary Minyan
4)  Sh'lach 31-A Beautiful Talis-Is That Called Hidur Mitzvah and Other Talis Issues
5)  Korach 31 - The Case of The Man Who Now Denies That He's a Kohain
6)  Chukas 31-Making a Mi'she'bairach for a Choleh on Shabbos-Is it Permitted?
7)  Balak 31 - Krias She'ma She'aal Ha'mita-Is Everyone Obligated?
8)  Pinchas 31 -Bathing During the Nine Days

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