Full Commuter's Chavrusah Series 31

This Series contains Bereishis, Sh'mos, Vayikra and Devorim

Lecture Titles:
1)  Vayikra 31- Can One Sell Any Type of Chometz?
2)  Tzav 31 - Should Women Bentch Ha'gomel?
3)  Sh'mini 31 - Dunking Your Doughnuts in Coffee: Must You Wash Netilas Yodayim?
4)  Tazria/Metzorah 31 - OOPS! There's a Sticker on the Kli I was Just Toivel-Must I Toivel it Again?
5)  Achrei Mos/Kedoshm 31-I NeverThought There Could Be So Many Shailos About The Bracha On Water
6)  Emor 31-May We Accept Tzedaka From Non-Jews?
7)  Behar-Bechukosai 31 - The Tochacha of Parshas Bechukosai- Should It Be Avoided?
8)  Special Interest 31 - The Enduring Legacy of Rabbi Eliezer Silver on America Jewry on the Occasion of His 50th Yahrzeit
9)  Special Interest 31 - The Incredible Importance, Power and Effect of Mikva
10)  T'rumah 32- Shul Issues: Shortcuts, Davening Towards Mizrach and More
11)  Bamidbar 31 - Can You Make The Second Day Of Shavos Early? An American Mohel In Israel On The Second Day Of Shavuos - Can He Perform A Bris?
12)  Nasso 31- The Sole Practioner Lawyer and His Jewish Secretary - a Yichud Problem?
13)  Beha'aloscha 31-Bringing a Sefer Torah to The House of an Avail or Temporary Minyan
14)  Sh'lach 31-A Beautiful Talis-Is That Called Hidur Mitzvah and Other Talis Issues
15)  Korach 31 - The Case of The Man Who Now Denies That He's a Kohain
16)  Chukas 31-Making a Mi'she'bairach for a Choleh on Shabbos-Is it Permitted?
17)  Balak 31 - Krias She'ma She'aal Ha'mita-Is Everyone Obligated?
18)  Pinchas 31 -Bathing During the Nine Days
19)  Shoftim 31 - Minhag Yisroel Torah: The Power of Minhag
20)  Ki Seitzei 31-The Case of the Frail Grandfather and the Bracha Under the Chupa
21)  Ki Savo 31-All You Ever Wanted to Know About Hagbah.
22)  Nitzavim-VaYeilech 31-The Baal Tokeah Who Was Doubtfull If He Could Blow
23)  Teshuva 31 - Unlocking Hashem's Bounty
24)  Bereishis 31 - Is It a Mitzva for a Man to Get Married?
25)  Noach 31 - The Uniqueness of the Hebrew Language
26)  Lech Lecha 31 -Should I Stay in the US to Take Care of My Parents or Make Aliya to Eretz Yisroel?
27)  Vayeira 31-Doing Mitzvos for the First Time-Bar Mitzva Boy and Teflin; Woman and Candle Lighting-Do They Make a Shehechiyanu?
28)  Chayei Sarah 31 -The Kallah Whose Bridal Veil Was So Thick The Witnesses Could Not See Who She Was
29)  Toldos 31 -Blood and DNA Test in Determining Paternity
30)  Vayeitzei 31 - I've Davened Maariv; The Other Minyan is Still Davening Mincha-Can I Answer Kedusha,And Other Maariv Issues
31)  Vayishlach 31-Does A Tzadik Need A Matzeivah On His Grave?
32)  Vayeishev 31-Showing Favoritism Among Your Children
33)  Mikeitz 31 -Can Women Make Latkes While The Chanukah Candles Are Still Burning and Other Chanukah Issues
34)  Vayigash 31-Flying East to West-West to East on a Fast Day-When Can You Break Your Fast
35)  Vayechi 31 -The Lesser of Two Evils-Being Buried in a Non-Jewish Cemetery vs. Cremation-Which Is It?.
36)  Sh'mos 31-The Halachic Issues Concerning Hearing Aids
37)  Va'eyra 31-Giving the Benefit of the Doubt-Does it Apply to Everyone?
38)  Bo 31-I Don't Open Bottle Caps on Shabbos, You Do-Can I Ask You to Open My Bottle?
39)  B'shalach 31-An Interesting Asher Yatzar Shaila
40)  Yisro 31 - Davening for Personal Needs on Shabbos?
41)  Mishpatim 31 - Lending Money Without Receiving an IOU Slip - Is It Mutar?
42)  Ki Sisa 31 - The Hatzala Member Who's NOT On Call On Shabbos: Can He Go On the Call Anyway
43)  Purim 31 -- A Purim Potpourri (Potpourri- A Mixture of Things)
44)  Special Interest 31 - Purim II - A Message of Hope to Infertile Couples and All Those Who Seek Yeshuos

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