Full Commuter's Chavrusah Series 32

This series contains Bereishis, Sh'mos, Vayikra, Banidbar and Devorim

Lecture Titles:
1)  Special Interest 32 - Hakoras Hatov Is a Two Way Street
2)  Teshuva 32- Preparing for the Ultimate Final
3)  Vayikra 32- Pesach Shailos You May Never Even Have Thought About
4)  Pesach 32 - Thoughts On the Hagaddah Vol 6
5)  Sh'mini 32 - Talking While Washing Your Hands for Netilas Yodayim - Is There a Problem?
6)  Tazria/ Metzora 32 - An IVF (In Vitro Fertilizaton) Baby, Can You Do His Milah On Shabbos?
7)  Acharei Mos 32 - Standing Up for One's Parents - Why Don't Most People Practice This Mitzvah?
8)  Emor 32 - Can a Kohain Accompany his Wife to the Hospital to Have Her Baby
9)  Behar Bechukosai 32 - Can One Be Obligated to Bentch Even if He Didn't Eat?
10)  Shoftim 32 - Saying Va'Yechulu Friday Night In Shul
11)  Ki Seitzei 32 - Shalom Aleichem: Before or After Kiddush?
12)  Ki Savo 32 -Wearing Tefilin on a Toupee? On a Cast?.
13)  Nitzavim/Vayeilech 32 - The Baal Tokeah Who Could Only Blow From His Left Side and Other Shofar Issues
14)  Special Interest 32 - Nosei B'ol Chaveiro - This Is Not About Me
15)  Bereishis 32- Is a Person with a Hereditary Genetic Disease Obligated to Have Children?
16)  Noach 32- Must One Eat Meat on Shabbos?
17)  Lech Lecha 32 - Meshaneh Makom Meshaneh Mazel-Changing Your Mazel
18)  Vayeira 32-Speaking Lashon Horah for the Sake of Shalom - Can It be Mutar?
19)  Chayei Sarah 32 Shadchanus-Who Gets Paid-The Person With the Idea or the Person Who Made It Happen-Thoughts on the Massacre in Pittsburgh
20)  Toldos 32 - Keeping Your Website Open For Business On Shabbos-Is there a Problem?
21)  Vayeitzei 32- Must One Wait For the Rabbi To Begin Chazoras HaShatz?
22)  Vayishlach 32 - Can You Disguise Yourself to Hide Your Jewishness?
23)  Vayeishev 32 - Is Grape Juice As Good As Wine For Kiddush and Other Halachos
24)  Mikeitz 32 - Can You Light Chanukah Candles in Your Car and Other Chanukah Issues
25)  Vayigash 32 - Being an Araiv - Guarantor - Know Your Rights and Responsibilities
26)  Vayechi 32- Asking Mechila From an Offended Friend-Personally or Through an Intermediary?
27)  Sh'mos 32 - How Does One Pronunce and Write the Name Yissocher?
28)  Va'eyra 32 - The Measles Vaccination Controversy
29)  Bo 32 - Saying U'Le'Chaporas Pesha In Musaf Rosh Chodesh In a Leap Year
30)  B'Shalach 32- Hiring a Snow Plow to Remove Your Snow-Even on Shabbos?
31)  Yisro 32 - Must One Keep Their Father's Minhagim or What Bracha Do You Make on Potatoes
32)  Mishpatim 32- Reinstituing the Sanhedrin in Our Day and Age?
33)  T'rumah 32- Shul Issues: Shortcuts, Davening Towards Mizrach and More
34)  Titzaveh 32 - The Shul That Wanted to Ban Making Noise When Haman's Name Is Mentioned
35)  Vayakhel/ Pikudei 32 - Does the Prohibition of Not Taking Medicine on Shabbos Still Aply in Our Day and Age?
36)  Special Interest 32 - The Hirsch Chumash: An Appreciation of the Wisdom and Timelessness of His Classic Commentary
37)  Bamidbar-Shavuos 32- The Halachic Issues with Milchig Bread
38)  Nasso 32 - Birchas Kohanim - Whose Mitzva Is It?
39)  Beha'aloscha 32 - Can You Be Mechallel Shabbos To Send A Kevital To A Rebbe?
40)  Sh'lach 32- Techeiles Today-Why Not?
41)  Korach 32-The Importance and Power of Saying Parshas Ketores
42)  Chukas 32 - May A Kohain Attend the Funeral of the Gadol HaDor
43)  Balak 32 Can You Carry a Gun While in Shul?
44)  Pinchas 32 - The Case of the Rabbi Who Said I Want My Son To Assume My Position When I Retire - Can He Demand That?

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