Commuter's Chavrusah Series 33 - Devorim

This is part of Commuter's Chavrusah Full Series 33

Lecture Titles:
1)  Teshuva 33 - Are We Living Consistent Lives
2)  Shoftim 33- Yizkor on Yom Tov-Why?; In the First Year?and Other Yizkor Issues
3)  Ki Setzei 33- Paying a Worker on Time- A Mitzva De'oraisah
4)  Ki Savo 33 - But If We Punish Him He May Not Remain Frum
5)  Nitzavim/ Vayeilech 33 - Dip The Apple in the Honey Make A Bracha-Which Bracha and Other Rosh Hashana Issues
6)  Special Interest 33 - Don't Let The Perfect Be The Enemy of the Good

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