Commuter's Chavrusah Series 33 - Bereishis

This is Part of Commuter's Chavrusah full series 33

Lecture Titles:
1)  Bereishis 33 - Is This The Year That You Are Going To Be Maavir Sedra Properly?
2)  Noach 33- Backing Out of a Purchase Agreement-What Are the Consequences?
3)  Lech Lecha 33- The Importance of Always Staying With the Same Host
4)  Vayeira 33- Oops! I Started Shachris Shmoneh Esrai With Ki Shem Hashem - Now What?
5)  Chayei Sarah 33- Father in Law and Son in Law With The Same Name? and Other Marriage Shailos
6)  Toldos 33- The December Office Party at Ruth Chris Steak House - Can You Attend?
7)  Vayeitzei 33-The All Too Commnon Dilemma of a Younger Sibling Marrying Before an Older Siblilng
8)  Vayeishev 33 - MaOze Tzur and Its Traditonal Tune - Not as Kosher as You Might Think
9)  Mikeitz 33 - I Had a Dream
10)  Vayishlach 33 - Saying Tehilim for a Choleh - What Should You Be Thinking?
11)  Vayigash 33 - I Came To Shul Late and They Are Saying Krias Shema - What Should I Do?
12)  Vayechi 33 - Burial in Eretz Yisroel Is it Always a Good Idea?

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