Full Commuter's Chavrusah Series 33

The Full Series 33 includes Bereishis, Sh'mos, Vayikra, Bamidbar and Devorim

Lecture Titles:
1)  Vayikra 33 -The First Bracha of Shmoneh Esrai and the Bracha of Modim- More Important Than You May Have Thought
2)  Pesach 33 - Bedikas Chametz-Should You Shut the Lights Out?- What To Do With The Leftover Chametz in the Garbage Can? and Other Pesach Issues.
3)  Sh'mini 33 - Using a Plastic Cup for Kiddush, Havdala or Netilas Yadayim?
4)  Acharei Mos 33 -A Capella Music During Sefira-Is There a Problem ?
5)  Kedoshim 33-Giving Directions to a Jew Who Is Driving on Shabbos-Lifnei Ivair or Not? and Other Lifnei Ivair Shailos
6)  Emor 33-Kavod Habrios-How Far Does it Go?
7)  Behar 33 - "Thank You Very Much for the Loan"-Is That Ribis?
8)  Bechukosai 33 -Going to Doctors-Not As Simple Hashkafically As You May Think
9)  Bamidbar 33-Shavuos -A Potpourri of Shavuos Dinim and Minhagim-Adding Water to Flowers and more
10)  Nasso 33 -Giving Yasher Koach to the Kohain After Birchas Kohanim-Why?
11)  Beha'aloscha 33-Health Care Professionals Treating and Touching People of the Opposiste Gender: Is There a Problem?
12)  Sh'lach 33 - Must You Wear Tzitzis When Excercising or Playing Sports?
13)  Korach 33-Should Chazanim be Paid?
14)  Chukas 33 - Reuven Has Yahrzeit for His Father; Shimon Has Yahrzeit for His Mother -Who Gets Maftir?
15)  Balak 33 - Modern Day Applications of the Prohibition of Reading Someone's Mail
16)  Pinchas 33-The Use of a Goral in Halacha
17)  Shoftim 33- Yizkor on Yom Tov-Why?; In the First Year?and Other Yizkor Issues
18)  Ki Setzei 33- Paying a Worker on Time- A Mitzva De'oraisah
19)  Ki Savo 33 - But If We Punish Him He May Not Remain Frum
20)  Nitzavim/ Vayeilech 33 - Dip The Apple in the Honey Make A Bracha-Which Bracha and Other Rosh Hashana Issues
21)  Teshuva 33 - Are We Living Consistent Lives
22)  Sh'mos 33- Ours is Not to Question Why, Ours is Just to Do and Die -Do We Always Say That.?
23)  Va'eyra 33 -Do You Make A Bracha Achrona After Your Daily Starbucks?
24)  Bo 33 - Why Don't We Wear Tefilin at Mincha?
25)  B'shalach 33 - Should You Correct The Baal Koreh If He Makes a Mistake?.
26)  Yisro 33 - I Haven't Accepted Shabbos Yet-You Have- Can I Make Kiddush For You?
27)  Mishpatim 33 - Milchig Bread and the Bimbo Bakery Controversy
28)  T'rumah 33 - Can a Man Daven in the Ezras Nashim Rather Than in the Main Shul?
29)  Titzaveh 33- Can a Woman Do Melacha After She Lights the Shabbos Candles?
30)  Ki Sisa 33 - Is it Six Hours Since I Ate Fleishigs?-Can I Be Maikil and Eat Milchigs Anyway?
31)  Vayakheil -Pikudei 33-What Do the Urim VeTumin and Scrabble Have to Do With Each Other?
32)  Special Interest 33 - Don't Let The Perfect Be The Enemy of the Good
33)  Bereishis 33 - Is This The Year That You Are Going To Be Maavir Sedra Properly?
34)  Noach 33- Backing Out of a Purchase Agreement-What Are the Consequences?
35)  Lech Lecha 33- The Importance of Always Staying With the Same Host
36)  Vayeira 33- Oops! I Started Shachris Shmoneh Esrai With Ki Shem Hashem - Now What?
37)  Chayei Sarah 33- Father in Law and Son in Law With The Same Name? and Other Marriage Shailos
38)  Toldos 33- The December Office Party at Ruth Chris Steak House - Can You Attend?
39)  Vayeitzei 33-The All Too Commnon Dilemma of a Younger Sibling Marrying Before an Older Siblilng
40)  Vayeishev 33 - MaOze Tzur and Its Traditonal Tune - Not as Kosher as You Might Think
41)  Mikeitz 33 - I Had a Dream
42)  Vayishlach 33 - Saying Tehilim for a Choleh - What Should You Be Thinking?
43)  Vayigash 33 - I Came To Shul Late and They Are Saying Krias Shema - What Should I Do?
44)  Vayechi 33 - Burial in Eretz Yisroel Is it Always a Good Idea?

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