Commuter's Chavrusah Series 34 - Sh'mos

This is part of the full Commuter's Chavrusah series 34

Lecture Titles:
1)  Sh'mos 34 - Should You Make a Sh'hechiyanu When You Get the Corona Vaccine?
2)  Va'eyra 34 - Can One Daven in a Room With a Cross? and Other Cross Shailos
3)  Bo 34 - What Should You Write January 21 2022 or 1-21-22 Or Neither?
4)  B'shalach 34 - Feeding the Birds on Shabbos Shira: Good Idea or Asur.?
5)  Yisro 34 - The Case of the Son-in-Law Who Wants More Support Money From His Father-in-Law
6)  Mishpatim 34 - My Neighbors Son Threw a Ball Through My Front Window - Who Pays
7)  T'rumah 34 - Mizrach is One Direction; The Aron Kodesh Is in Another Direction; Which Way Should You Face?
8)  Ki Sisa 34 - Being Mechalel Shabbos to Relieve the Anxiety of A Choleh Mesukan Is it Mutar?
9)  Vayakheil 34 - Must You Share Your Trade Secrets Recipes Methods? If You Dont Can I Steal Them?
10)  Pikudai 34 -Giving Tzedaka for Kavod and Other Tzedaka Questions

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