Commuter's Chavrusah Series 34 - Devorim

This is part of full Commuter's Chavrusah series 34

Lecture Titles:
1)  Shoftim 34 - Can Women Be Told Not to Come to Shul In Order to Make More Space for Men During Covid?
2)  Ki Seitzei 34 - The Famous/Infamous Case Of The Get Of Cleeves
3)  Ki Savo 34 - Someone Dropped the Sefer Torah in Shul - Does Everyone Have to Fast?
4)  Nitzavim -Vayeilech 34 - Selichos : Can It Be Said Without a Minyan? Sitting Down?
5)  Rosh Hashana 34 - I Can't Stand for the Whole Chazoras HaShatz of Mussaf -What Should I Do?
6)  Teshuva 34 - Teshuva in This Unimaginable Year

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