Personal Growth Vol. 2

Continue the journey of personal growth with this second series. Explore how we interpret the behavior of different personalities and discover how self-esteem is correlated more to how we treat others than how accomplished we are. Examine how financial responsibility plays a pivotal role in our relationships, venture into the spiritual mechanics of being tested and how G-d gives us exercises in self-growth through our daily challenges.

Lecture Titles:
1)  Judging Others Favorably - Interpretations of Different Personalities
2)  Who Is Responsible for My Happiness? Part 2
3)  Freedom vs Slavery: Taking More Control of My Life
4)  Money - A Torah Perspective on Wealth, Budgeting, and Investing
5)  The Greatness of Being Tested
6)  All About Self Esteem - Who Is The Real Me?
7)  Building An Attitude of Gratitude
8)  The Science of Simplicity

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