Personal Growth Vol. 1

Embark on a journey into yourself with the Personal Growth Series. Venture into the deepest cravings of the mind, heart and soul: our search for happiness, love, inner peace, personal health and beyond. For those who cherish growth in relationships and emotional intelligence, this journey is filled with Torah insights that will enrich, empower and bring clarity upon the most unique element in creation gifted to man, the power of choice to change the only person we can truly influence: oneself ! Bon Voyage!

Lecture Titles:
1)  When is Love Real?
2)  Who Is Responsible For My Happiness? Part 1
3)  The Challenge of Anger
4)  In Search of Inner Peace
5)  Arrogance - A Distortion of Self Esteem
6)  The Anatomy of Hatred
7)  The Challange Of Jealousy
8)  The Health Directives of Maimonides

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