Successful Parenting Vol. 1

With more books, seminars, professionals and tapes on this topic than any time in history, has parenting really become easier? This series is about finding the answers through clarity of oneself instead of focusing on how to change the child! So much effort is spent on constant persuasion and being one step ahead of the child, is it possible that their manipulations and defiance are really invitations for us, the parents, to change? These presentations emphasize practical strategies for parents 'in the trenches'.

Lecture Titles:
1)  Raising Positive Kids in a Challenging World
2)  How to Discipline Your Children
3)  How to Respond to Manipulation
4)  How to Respond to Chutzpa
5)  How to Build Self-Esteem in Your Children - Part I
6)  Creating Meaningful Rapport with Our Children
7)  Surviving Your Child's Adolescence - Part I
8)  Creating a Happy Home

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