To Deepen My Relationship with Hashem Vol. 1

Ultimately, every human craves to reconnect to their Creator. This series helps us make that connection meaningful. Discover the art of spontaneous conversation with our ultimate Therapist, explore the meaning in adversity, analyze the anatomy of free-will and develop certainty that G-d really loves you!

Lecture Titles:
1)  1-800 Almighty: Conversations with the Ultimate Therapist
2)  How Do I Know G-d Really Loves Me?
3)  Prayer - A Call To the Infinite
4)  The Mitzvah To Love G-d, No Matter What!
5)  Teshuvah - Returning Home To Our True Selves
6)  To Find Meaning In Adversity
7)  Connecting to G-d Through Human Relationships
8)  Free Will and G-d Knows The Future: So Who Controls My Life?

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