The Oral Law

Many Jews and even gentiles are of the opinion that the Torah is of Divine origin while the Talmud is 'rabbinical'. Is there irrefutable evidence that the Oral Law was given at Mt. Sinai? Can we guarantee that the 1,500 year oral transmission remained accurate until it was written in the Talmud? How do we account for differing opinions in the Talmud? Why did G-d not command the Oral Law be written like the rest of the Torah? These presentations will clarify much of the confusion associated with the Oral Transmission.

Lecture Titles:
1)  What Is The Oral Law? And How Do We Know It Was Given At Sinai?
2)  How Was The Oral Law Transmitted from Generation to Generation?
3)  How Can We Guarantee the Oral Law Never Changed?
4)  How Can We Guarantee The Oral Law Never Changed? (Part 2) and How Do We Explain Different Opinions of the Talmud?

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