Emuna: Faith, Certainty or Both?

The concept of Emuna is usually referred to as 'faith' or 'belief', but its real meaning is related to the word 'Amen' which means 'I agree this true.' Is it possible that both meanings are accurate? My initial Emuna is based on knowing Hashem exists and my essential 'agreement to this truth.' But when life throws me its many challenges, I turn to my 'faith' that even when I cannot understand G-d's ways, my faith remains firm. With insights from R� Nachman of Breslov, this series explores the depths of this all-important Mitzva: to know Hashem and to hold onto our faith during the storms of life.

Lecture Titles:
1)  Shema Yisrael- A Declaration of Certainty
2)  Faith In Myself: That I Am Precious to G-d
3)  Admitting Who is the Boss
4)  When Real Emunah is Simple Faith
5)  How Can We Strengthen Our Emunah?
6)  Revealing G-d Behind Our Life's Challenges

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