The Science of Jewish Meditation

Is Jewish Meditation a recent phenomena born from the meditations of the East? Or does Jewish Meditation actually find its roots in history as far back as Adam and the early Patriarchs? This original series explores the precise meaning of 'Hitbodedut': the science of consciously being in G-d's Presence, and 'Hitbonenut': the science of self-clarity through meditation. Based on the works of R� Nachman of Breslov, these presentations include hands-on strategies for nurturing a career in Jewish Meditation that will deepen the awareness of our behaviors, speech and thoughts in the Presence of Hashem.

Lecture Titles:
1)  The History of Jewish Meditation (Part 4)
2)  What Is Jewish Meditation?
3)  Why Jewish Meditation Works
4)  The History of Jewish Meditation (Part 1)
5)  The History of Jewish Meditation (Part 2)
6)  The History of Jewish Meditation (Part 3)
7)  The "How To" Of Jewish Mediation (Part 1)
8)  The "How To" Of Jewish Mediation (Part 2)

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