Personal Growth Vol. 3

Volume three takes you into the mechanics of a bad choice and how to start again; are the boss and co-workers always to blame for apparent abuse in the workplace or can I respond differently to change the way I am treated? Join King Solomon and look at the lessons drawn from his proverbs, and learn how life�s challenges deepen our appreciation for the value of life.

Lecture Titles:
1)  Is Laziness Nature or a Choice?
2)  The Soul of Our Actions
3)  A Torah Perspective of Abuse in the Workplace
4)  Appreciating The Value of Life
5)  Midlife Crisis - Lessons from the Proverbs of King Solomon
6)  Dealing With Difficult and Different People
7)  How To Recover From a Bad Choice
8)  The Awesome Challange of Respecting (Difficult) Parents

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