Empowering My Jewish Identity Vol. 2

If you were challenged to stand up and defend Judaism, how would you answer some of the most urgent questions? Did G-d really speak at Mt. Sinai to three million Jews? Is this a matter of faith or is it based on irrefutable evidence? Is there information in the Torah that no human could have written? Can we look back on three thousand years of Jewish history and check off the list of fantastic prophecies made in the Bible with precise accuracy? Does Archaeology shed light on the accuracy of Biblical details? Is there a religious dimension to anti-Semitism? These questions and more are addressed to live audiences in these two volumes of exciting presentations.

Lecture Titles:
1)  A Torah Response to the Unique Challanges Facing a Jew Today
2)  September 11th and Teshuvah in Preparation for Mashiach
3)  The Expulsion From Paradise and the Long Journey Back: Where Do I Fit in The Scheme of Creation?
4)  Fingerprints of Divinity (Part 1)
5)  Fingerprints of Divinity (Part 2)
6)  Fingerprints of Divinity (Part 3)
7)  How Do You Know the Exodus Really Happened?
8)  "You Shall Be A Light Unto Nations" - A Jews Responsibility to The Gentile World

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