Shalom Bayit: Building a Peaceful Home

Enjoy these presentations on the art of building a happy marriage and peaceful home. Is peace in the home dependent on ironing out differences or does it really depend on how we respect each other even with the differences? Could blaming my spouse really be an avoidance of responsibility? Can just one person making a serious change in their self, really influence the dynamics of the rest of the family? This series is filled with both empowering and life changing insights from our sages.

Lecture Titles:
1)  Building a Peaceful Home - Part 1
2)  Building a Peaceful Home - Part 2
3)  Building a Peaceful Home - Part 3
4)  Building a Peaceful Home - Part 4
5)  Building a Peaceful Home - Questions and Answers
6)  The Role Of Men In Marriage
7)  Anger in the Home and How To Turn It Around
8)  Family in Transition - What To Do When Your Spouse/Kids Are Not On The Same Religious Page

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