Successful Parenting Vol. 2: Nurturing Independence

Arguably, the underlying purpose of all parenting is the nurturing of independence. Taking this as the axiom, this series of eight presentations details different aspects relating to teaching our children independence: through encouraging self-discipline and communicating our position on such issues as the boundaries of right and wrong, how to talk about procreation, and helping children solve their own sibling rivalry without trapping the parents into the role of 'Police Protector!' All these aspects of parenting feed into nurturing independence in the child's ability to manage their own conflicts and take more responsibility for controlling themselves.

Lecture Titles:
1)  How to Build Self-Esteem in Your Children - Part II
2)  Surviving Your Child's Adolescence - Part II
3)  Nurturing Independence in Our Children: The Underlying Purpose of Parenting
4)  Beyond Reward and Punishment: Empowering Inner Discipline in the Child (Part 1)
5)  Beyond Reward and Punishment: Empowering Inner Discipline in the Child (Part 2)
6)  How To Say NO to Your Child and Survive to Tell About It!
7)  How to Talk to Your Children About the Birds and the Bees
8)  A Torah Perspective and Practical Guide on Sibling Rivalry

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