The Mystical Meaning of The Aleph-Bet: The DNA of Creation (Book)

Biblical Hebrew=The DNA of Creation!
This means that the letters of the Aleph Bet preceded Creation! Being that G-d willed Creation through His dictation, Lashon Hakodesh, The Holy Tongue was indeed the language G-d communicated through which The Divine will was translated into physical reality. Thus the Aleph Bet is nothing less than the DNA of creation! If every element in creation came into existence because of the letters of Lashon Hakodesh, G-d's Holy Tongue, then the study of the various combinations of letters for each element in creation should reveal the Divine Intent that defines the true essence of that item or concept.

The material is based on the original research of Rabbi Dr. Zvi Inbal of the Arachim Seminars.

40 pages

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