The Taryag Mitzvot

The Taryag Mitzvot Manual provides a comprehensive curriculum for teaching Taryag Mitzvot in the classroom, as well as for one's personal study.

Part 1 of the manual explains the importance, and benefits, of learning the Taryag Mitzvot.

Part 2 gives practical instructions for teaching the Taryag Mitzvot in the classroom.

Part 3 outlines the 613 Mitzvot as organized by the Rambam in his Mishna Torah. The first outline describes each Mitzva in a single Hebrew word followed by a short description in Hebrew and English. The second outline gives only the Hebrew code word of each Mitzva to help the reader memorize the Taryag Mitvot in sequence.

Finally, Part 4 gives insight into how the Taryag Mitzvot is really the secret ingredient that binds together Chumash, Mishna, Gemara and Halacha.

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