L.H. Prefixes/Suffixes: Command Cards

The Command Cards are 145 cards in see-through envelopes with simple one-word 'commands' on the front of each card. Inside each envelope are smaller cards needed to complete the one-word command. The command cards are sequenced in incremental levels of difficulty. At first, the child learns each prefix in Hebrew and English and will be commanded to match the two. As he progresses through the cards, he will build words by adding several prefixes to one word to create many combinations of the same word. Every few cards, the child will be referred to a page in Rabbi Winder's Lashon Hatorah workbook (sold desperately) which has written exercises corresponding to the command cards. Other command cards give various games and activities that reinforce the child's current level of mastery. The accompanying manual provides an outline that shows exactly how to teach the child using the command cards.

This kit teaches the entire brown banner and most of yellow banner.

Available in Yiddish upon request.