Chumash Memory-System: Memory Cards

This set of cards is used as a skeleton-system for memorizing the storyline of every perek in the entire Chumash. A simple code-word and corresponding picture is given for the numbers 1-50. The code-word has a numeric equivalency to the chapter number, as shown in the Memory-System Control Book. A short funny story -- also given in the Control Book -- is then taught to the student to connect the code-word to the real story of that chapter in the Chumash. When taught in increments, this system can immediately boost the confidence of a child, showing him how his memory can retain vast amounts of information. Recommended for teachers/parents who have already been trained in this system.

50 cards per set, 3" x 3.5" cards

1. Blue Border Hebrew Letter Gematria Cards, Aleph to Nun
2. Blue Border Number Gematria Cards 1-50
3. Blue Border Picture Cards
4. Blue Border Word-Cards

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Chumash Memory-System Cards