L.H. Activities: Yedids

The Yedids are simple 'fortune-teller' paper-folded materials in which either a Hebrew vocabulary word or grammar symbol is visible from the outside. The students can pair up and test each-other's mastery by checking the correct translation/answer hidden beneath the flap. The Vocabulary Yedids have 8 words on each of the 38 Yedids, covering all 303 vocabulary root-words. The Grammar Yedids cover all of the Grammar prefixes and suffixes.
(We named the fortune teller materials 'Yedids' because the Hebrew word Yedid is made of Yad Yad, because it takes two hands and two yidden to play.)

1. 303 Vocabulary Word Yedids (English) - set of 38
2. Grammar Banner Yedids (English) - set of 6

Available in Yiddish upon request.

This product is also available on Amazon.com at this link:
Climbing Har Sinai Yedids

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