L.H. Vocabulary: Climbing Har Sinai Kit (English)

(Shown in picture: Sample of cards in Unit Aleph)

The Climbing Har Sinai Kit divides the 303 vocabulary cards into 25 units which correspond to the order they appear in Chumas Bereishis. Each unit contains about 12 cards. This program removes the natural language-barrier children have to Chumash by teaching the vocabulary words in the order they appear as he learns Chumash! This is an efficient, integrated system that allows to the student to work in multiple modalities and intelligences so that he will master the vocabulary words in his personal strength. This kit includes:

Climbing Har Sinai Cards:
Four sets of small (2"x3") cards in envelopes color-coded according to the 25 units. The set divides each word into four cards:
-- Picture
-- English word
-- Hebrew word
-- Passuk in which the word appears
These packs are used in games and activities that reflect the natural ability of the child.

Using this kit, the language of the Chumash comes alive for the student as he improves his confidence and ability to independently translate it!

This program works best when used together with the Climbing Har Sinai Workbook. (Sold Separately).