Chumash Memory-System: Memory Cards Activity Kit

The Gematria Cards are used for games and activities to reinforce the child's practice of Gematria. Mastery of Gematria prepares the student for learning a memory system that teaches him how to memorize the headline chapter of every perek in Bereishit, and later, the rest of Chumash. Gematria Card numbers 1-50 are for memorizing Chumash Bereishit which has 50 chapters. The cards above 50 are for memorizing Mishna and Gemora. The Yedids and Dice provide more ways for a student to review, reinforce and commit to memory the information in every chapter of Chumash using multiple modalities and intelligences.

1. Red Border Heb. Gematria Cards, Nun-Aleph to Taf - Set of 52
2. Red Border Eng. Gematria Cards 51-100 (+ 200,300,400) - Set of 52
3. Blue Border Math Symbols - Set of 24
4. Dice, Blue Border and Red Border (Heb. & Eng.) - 36 Dice
5. Dice, Memory Words - 10 Dice
6. Yedids - Set of 9