Living Tefila: Manual

There are three parts to the Living Tefila Teacher's Manual:

Part One explores the definition of Tefila and the term "avoda of the lev"; identifies the mitzva of Tefila in the Torah; and describes the five goals of the Mitzva of Tefila.

Part Two covers the practical 'How To' of teaching Tefila in a way that is meaningful to our children. This is done through six "Building Blocks."
1-3: Reading Accuracy and Fluency, Vocabulary Base, Prefixes and Suffixes
4: Key Tefila Vocabulary
5: Messages of Tefila
6: Pashut Pshat Translation of Tefila
Guidance is also given here as to how much children should be davening and when.

Part Three gives the History of Tefila before the Siddur was formulated. It shows how the Siddur was never meant to replace the original format of direct conversation with Hashem but was actually designed to become a platform for talking to Hashem.

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