Teacher Training DVDs: Hashkafa in Chinuch

In this series of 3 DVDs, Rabbi Rietti explains the Hashkafa behind Chinuch:

1. Introduction to Hashkafa
2. Defining Hashkafa in Chinuch according to Lashon Hakodesh
3. The 7 Definitions of Chinuch
4. Defining "Rebbe," "Morah," and "Melamed."
5. The Definition of "Na'ar"
6. The Definition of "Al"
7. The Definition of "Pi"
8. The Definition of "Darko"
9. The 4 Meanings of "Darko"
10. The Delivery System of the Mesorah/Asking Questions

This presentation is also available for free on YouTube:
Click here for Part 1
Click here for Part 2