Trop Tutor with Mel Greenbaum

This audio series is an excellent introduction to trop for children. Chazan Moshe (Mel) Greenbaum sings all the parshios of Chumash Bereishis in a slow fashion, helping the child fully hear the nuances of the trop in each passuk.

Lecture Titles:
1)  Trop Tutor: Introduction to Trop
2)  Trop Tutor: Bereishis
3)  Trop Tutor: Noach
4)  Trop Tutor: Lech Lecha
5)  Trop Tutor: Vayera
6)  Trop tutor: Chayei Sara
7)  Trop Tutor: Toldos
8)  Trop Tutor: Vayetze
9)  Trop Tutor: Vayishlach
10)  Trop Tutor: Vayeshev
11)  Trop Tutor: Miketz
12)  Trop Tutor: Vayigash
13)  Trop Tutor: Vayechi

Price for Album on MP3: $10.00

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