The Frum Revolution: A Comprehensive Solution to the Off-the-Derech Crisis

A chance reunion in a war zone with a former Yeshiva classmate leads David back to his hometown of Monsey, NY in an attempt to reconnect to Judaism for the first time since his childhood. Along the journey he meets Larry, an innovative educator developing a “back-to-the-basics� curriculum that remedies some of the pitfalls inherent in mainstream Yeshiva education. Together, they set out to stem the tide of children falling out of the system by promoting real independence in Hebrew reading, prayer and Torah learning, as well as a healthy dose of Vitamin E (for Emunah).

Written by Eli Rietti (148 pages)

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The Frum Revolution: A Comprehensive Solution to the Off-the-Derech Crisis

About the author:
Eli Rietti is the son of renowned lecturer Rabbi Jonathan Rietti, and the grandson of British actor Robert Rietti. After twelve years of Yeshiva education he served in the IDF for three years as a machine-gunner and desert navigation specialist. In 2009 he co-founded Breakthrough Chinuch together with his father to help teachers, students, and homeschooling parents leverage the traditional Yeshiva curriculum with tools that help children develop into strong, independent and happy Jews.

Why I wrote this book:
I wrote this book to spread awareness of the oftentimes overlooked factors--intrinsic to the elementary school curriculum--that help boys leave Judaism. In other words, let’s assume frum society succeeds in creating a Utopia where all the “outside influences� simply disappear. There is no internet, no TV, no secular music, new secular media, no boys and girls hanging out together, no Rebbis that hit, no abuse, no divorce. Picture the most insulated bubble possible, the best elementary school Yeshiva you can think of, and the most loving home environment imaginable, and this book will demonstrate how a boy may still abandon Judaism based on the pitfalls inherent in the elementary school curriculum alone.

For example, almost no mainstream Yeshiva teaches boys the Hebrew Prefixes/Suffixes. Fact. This leads to boys not understanding prayer. Fact. This leads to boys not being able to translate Chumash. Fact. (I encourage the reader to ask their child to translate the phrase “Ki mitziyon tetzeh torah udvar Hashem miyerushalayim.� Or “Hodu lashem, kiru b’shmo, hodiyu ba’amim alilotav.�)

What is the goal of this book?
The primary goal of this book is to provide solutions! For every pitfall identified, a simple solution is offered. In a sense, this book is essentially an outline of the core Breakthrough Chinuch programs which dovetail seamlessly with the traditional mainstream elementary school curriculum of Chumash>Mishna>Gemara.

Who is this book for?
This book is meant for parents, teachers, educators, and concerned citizens of the frum community worldwide.

Contact the Author
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Praise for The Frum Revolution:

“This book by Eli Rietti accurately diagnoses some of the most important causes of the malaise presently affecting many young people in the Orthodox world, particularly in the area of their Torah learning. He has written a gripping account through the eyes of a young man who has experienced this issue first-hand, presenting his case in dramatic form.
But he has gone further: he shows the direction a solution must take, laying out a program of teaching based on an extremely effective method developed by his father, Rabbi Jonathan Rietti. Educators who take this book seriously could change the course of the next generation’s learning experience, converting boredom and detachment into engagement and enthusiasm.�
—Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz, author of The Thinking Jewish Teenager's Guide to Life

“The Frum Revolution is a very well written, thought provoking and original book. It's been very helpful for our upcoming tefillah and emunah project.�
—Rabbi Dan Roth, Founder and Director of Torah Live

"The Frum Revolution is both a gripping read and a compelling call-to-action. My personal experience as a former Director at Agudath Israel's Project YES confirms the truths of this narrative. The book is a must-read for educators and parents alike."
—Avrohom Meir Gluck, Rabbi Emeritus, Congregation Kehillath Israel, Spring Valley, NY