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Monday, Mar 19, 2018 Parshas Tzav 3 Nisan, 5778
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Zionce, Rabbi Moshe
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Title Speaker
Vayeishev: How To Deal With A Strong Yatzer Hara (Evil Inclination)New! Zionce, Rabbi Moshe
Vayeitzei: #7 Mysteries Of The LadderNew! Zionce, Rabbi Moshe
Vayeitzei: When A Lie Is The TruthNew! Zionce, Rabbi Moshe
Vayigash: #11 Surviving An Ordeal New! Zionce, Rabbi Moshe
Vayigash: The Secret Of Yosef's Power; Inspiration For LifeNew! Zionce, Rabbi Moshe
Vayikra: Sacrifices & Today's Ultimate OfferingNew! Zionce, Rabbi Moshe
Vayikra: YOU Can Do ItNew! Zionce, Rabbi Moshe
Vayishlach: The Mystical Nature of EvilNew! Zionce, Rabbi Moshe
Yisro: The Torah, A Mystical LookNew! Zionce, Rabbi Moshe
Yom Kippur: A deeper lookNew! Zionce, Rabbi Moshe

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