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Friday, May 29, 2020 Shavuos 6 Sivan, 5780
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Etz Chaim Center for Jewish Studies - Philadelphia Files
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Title Speaker
Ghosts and The Afterlife Becher, Rabbi Mordechai
Coming Full Circle Taylor, Penina
Rosh Hashana, Again....Already! Becher, Rabbi Mordechai
Rosh Hashana 2010- Fusion of Heaven and Earth Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Guns and Moses Part 3- Standing Up Against Evil vs. Pacifism and Truning the Other Cheek Becher, Rabbi Mordechai
Guns and Moses Part 2- A Jewish Perspective on Gun Control and Self Defence Becher, Rabbi Mordechai
Guns and Moses Part 1- The Second Amendmant in American Law Greenstein, Professor Richard
Judaism 101 - Defining Love Reiner, Rabbi Meir
Tisha B'Av: From Tears to Dawn Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Getting a Big Bang Out of Genesis Dr. Herman Presby
The Ethical Business Traveler Biberfeld, Rabbi Yechiel and Kurland Esq., David
Kabbalah: Harness the Power Becher, Rabbi Mordechai
Judaism 101 - Shabbos  Level: Introductory Reiner, Rabbi Meir
Judaism 101 - Rosh Hashanah  Level: Introductory Reiner, Rabbi Meir
Is Teaching Intelligent Design in the Classroom Constitutional? Perlberger, Mr. Naphtali
The Argument for Intelligent Design Presby, Dr. Herman
Terumah Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Mishpatim-2 Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Mishpatim Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Yisro Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Beshalach Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Yayeishev-2 Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Toldos: Mystical Underpinnings of Laughter Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Chaya Sarah-2 Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Chaya Sarah: Sarah - Mother & Matriarch of the Jewish People Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Vayeira Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Yayeira: Jewish Genetics & the Abraham in all of Us Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Lech Lecha Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Vayechi-3 Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Vayigash Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Vayechi-2: Home Sweet Home Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Bereishis Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Vayeishev Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Vayishlach: Clash of World Civilizations Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Vayeitzeh-2 Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Yom Kippur Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Succos Hut, Hut, Hut Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Vayechi: Revealing the Concealed and Concealing the Revealed Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Vayikra Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Bo Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Ki Savo: First Fruits "Number One on the hit Parade" Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Ekev: Man Does Not Live By Bread Alone Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Behar Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Dreams and Dreamers Rubinstein, Rabbi YY
Vayetzeh Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
The Mystical Meaning of the Aleph-Beis Becher, Rabbi Mordechai
Accessing the Divine Within Roth, Lauren
A Tale of Two Cities Becher, Rabbi Mordechai
Peta vs. Shechita Becher, Rabbi Mordechai
How Minor Are Minors? Becher, Rabbi Mordechai
We Are What We Eat Nulman, Rabbi Avi
Mommy, Who Is G-d? - Talking to our children about G-d Ungar, Mrs. Dubbie
Tisha B'Av And Its Meaning For All of Us Today Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Anatomy of the Soul Goldman, Rabbi Yitzchak
Mattos/Masey: The Vitality of Life and Its Journeys Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Why Is Judaism So Nitpicking?  Level: Introductory Becher, Rabbi Mordechai
Gun Ownership In Jewish Law Becher, Rabbi Mordechai
The Ethical Principle Seinfeld, Rabbi Alexander
Balak: Be Careful What You Wish For Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Jewish Ethics and The American Legal System Zwiebel, Rabbi Chaim Dovid
The Art of Jewish Prayer Tatz, Rabbi Dr. Akiva
Personal Injury In Jewish Law Aidman, Mr. Evan
Clash of World Civilizations Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Acharey Mos and Kedoshim Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Home Sweet Home Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Intimacy In Jewish Thought Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Balancing Independance and Dependance in Our Relationship with God Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
Jewish Wisdom on Parenting Rietti, Rabbi Jonathan
The Deeper Meaning of Purim Ungar, Rabbi Moshe
The 10 Commandments Ungar, Rabbi Moshe


1Parshas Mishpatim 5764 (2004) (file)
1Parshas Matos Massei 5764 (2004) (file)
1Track 03 - Neshomo (file)
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Pinchas ben Avrohom and Shprintza bas Yehuda Aryeh