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Friday, Apr 10, 2020 Pesach 16 Nisan, 5780
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Series: Selected Shiurim
Rabbi Yosef BergerPlease download and enjoy these Shiurim by Harav Yosef Berger Shlit"a, Morah D'Asrah of Kehilas Kol Torah in Baltimore, MD. His Shiurim present a unique clarity in understanding and presenting the material, as well as an amazing grasp of how Halacha affects the various practical situations most commonly faced by those practicing Halacha.

Hundreds of these popular Shiurim are available on a wide range of Halacha topics, as well as many Hashkafa topics, and are available for purchase as CDs, mp3 CDs, or mp3's through email

For more information download the full catalog, email [email protected], or call (410)989-1995.
Level: Intermediate | Age: All Ages | Gender: both

8 files in this series.
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Title Speaker
Guidelines for Tzedaka and Financial Obligations Berger, Rabbi Yosef
Halachos of Kiruv - Jewish Outreach Berger, Rabbi Yosef
Halachos of Shiluach Ha'Kain - Sending Away the Mother Bird Berger, Rabbi Yosef
Instilling Yiddishkeit in our Children Berger, Rabbi Yosef
Opening Packages and Containers on Shabbos Berger, Rabbi Yosef
Skipping Parts of Psukei Dzimra if you're late to Shacharis Berger, Rabbi Yosef
Spending Time with Children, Teaching and Respecting Authority Berger, Rabbi Yosef
The Halachos of Yichud - Seclusion of a Man and Woman Berger, Rabbi Yosef


1Four Cups: The Secrets of the Jew-Gentile Dynamic (file)
1Sh'mini 21 - Women and Havdalah - Second Thoughts (file)
1Bereishis 31 - Is It a Mitzva for a Man to Get Married? (file)
1Bereishis 31 - Is It a Mitzva for a Man to Get Married? (cd)
1Lech Lecha 31 -Should I Stay in the US to Take Care of My Parents or Make Aliya to Eretz Yisroel? (cd)
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