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Thursday, Nov 21, 2019 Parshas Chayei Sara 23 Cheshvan, 5780
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Series: Shoresh Shabbat Experience
Level: Beginners | Age: All Ages | Gender: both

31 files in this series.
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Title Speaker
Al Kein Shoresh
Aleinu Shoresh
Bircat Hamazon Shoresh
Conclusion Shoresh
Eshet Chayil Shoresh
Hamotzi Shoresh
Harachaman Shoresh
Harachaman 2 Shoresh
Harachaman for Shabbat Shoresh
Kiddush Shoresh
L'Chu Ending Shoresh
L'Chu N'Ran'na Shoresh
L'Maan Achai Shoresh
Lecha Dodi Shoresh
Menucha V'Simcha Shoresh
Mizmor L'Dovid Shoresh
Mizmor Shir Shoresh
Nodeh Shoresh
R'tzei Shoresh
Rachem Shoresh
Sh'ma Shoresh
Shabbat Prayer Shoresh
Shabbat Shalom Shoresh
Shalom Aleichem Shoresh
Shir Hamaalot Shoresh
Tzur Mishelo Shoresh
U'vnei Shoresh
V'al Hakol Shoresh
V'Shomru Shoresh
Washing the Hands Shoresh
Y-oh Ribon Shoresh


1Chukas 2019-Reuven Has Yahrzeit for His Father; Shimon Has Yahrzeit for His Mother -Who Gets Maftir? (file)
1Shema Yisrael (file)
1Ki Setzei 2019- Paying a Worker on Time- A Mitzva De'oraisah (file)
1Vayechi 30 - Honoring Your Parents Wishes After Their Death: How Far Must You Go? (file)
1Two Millenia of European Jewish History - And Their Lessons for Eternity (cd)
1Sh'mos 26 - The Shomer Shabbos Vs The Non-Shomer Shabbos Doctor - Revisited (cd)
1Family Series 03 - Jewish Women In The Workplace (file)
1Family Series 02 - Kibud Av V'eim (cd)
1Mikeitz 32 - Can You Light Chanukah Candles in Your Car and Other Chanukah Issues (cd)
1Vayikra - Is Theft Permitted to Save a Life? (file)
1Pikudai 2019-Giving Tzedaka for Kavod and Other Tzedaka Questions (file)
1Noach 32- Must One Eat Meat on Shabbos? (file)
1Family Series 02 - Kibud Av V'eim (file)
1Two Millenia of European Jewish History - And Their Lessons for Eternity (file)
The Torah learned on this site today should be liluy nishmos
Pinchas ben Avrohom and Shprintza bas Yehuda Aryeh