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Thursday, Feb 22, 2024 Parshas Tetzaveh 13 Adar I, 5784
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Project Genesis
Series: Shmuze
Half hour mussar/hashkafa talks about avodat Hashem
Level: N/A | Age: All Ages | Gender: both

275 files in this series.
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Title Speaker
10 Leadership Lessons from Moshe Roeinu Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
10th of Tevet Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
10th of Tevet Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
10th of Tevet 5780 Shmuze Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
10th Tevet 5779 Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
17 Tammuz and 9 Av - Two Halves of the Whole Farber, Rabbi Menachem
17th of Tammuz Lynn, Rabbi Yaakov
27 Miles per Hour Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
9 Days - Tisha B'Av Shurin, Rabbi Yitzchak
A Question of Life and Death Shuster, Rav Fyvel
A World Divided Farber, Rabbi Menachem
A World of Difference Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Accurate Vision, Corrupted Vision Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Advice From A Friend Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Al HaTzadikim, V'Al HaChasidim - Searching for a Rebbe Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
All For One - One For All Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Always... Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Another Son Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Are Yeshiva Bochurim Jewish Monks? Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Avinu Yisrael Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Avodas Hashem: Doing it HIS Way Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Avot of the Avot Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Avraham or Bilaam Your Choice Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Avraham's Chesed Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Bad Things Do Happen To Good People Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Be Nice - But Why? Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Beauty: Tools of Temptation or Vessel of Virtue? Tatz, Rabbi Akiva
Being Nice Shoshan, Rav Gidon
Being Yourself Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Ben Torah or Orthodox Jew? Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Beyond Rational Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Biblical Roots of the Arab-Israel Conflict Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Big Picture Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Bread and Circuses Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Brighten Up the Cold Winter Blues Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Building our Mishkan Giving Value, The Value of Giving Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Camping and Traveling Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Can We Have Too Much Chochma? Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Capture the Flag Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Catering To Camels - Chessed Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Chanuka: Couldn't Have Been Predicted Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Chanuka: Moving From Chochma to Daat Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Chanukah Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Chanukah & Purim Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Chanukah: Illuminating the Darkness of Enlightenment Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Choosing Life Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Circling the Center Point Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Cleansing ourselves for Pesach Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Climb Like A Goat Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Concentric Circles Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Conformity or Individuality? Shurin, Rav Yitzchak
Connecting: You Need to Be Plugged In Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Connectivity Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Counting the Omer RSK0519
Crazy about Pesach Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Current Events Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Dealing with People that Annoy Us - Practical Advice Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Defining Moments Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Do You Want To Be A Shaliach? Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Doing the Dont's Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Donkey King Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Double Meaning Shoshan, Rabbi Gidon
Elul - Shofar Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Elul in Shapell's Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Enjoying Spirituality Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Escape from Planet "Ich" Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Excuse Me - Why are we going to Egypt Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Falling, but not too far Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Fear and Joy Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Finding Redemption in Kabbalat Hatorah Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Finding The Correct Balance Silverberg, Rabbi Elie
Finding Your Own Path Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Fire and Water Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Four Parshiot - Preparing for Purim and Pesach Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Free As A Matzah Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Funny Money Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Galus and Geula Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Gateway to Happiness Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Gearing Up For the 9 Days Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Giving Hashem a Chanukah Present Lynn, Rabbi Yaakov
Glowing, Burning, Running: A Tale of 3 Castles Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Hakarat Hatov: A Defining Quality of Who We Are Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Hanging By a Thread Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Happy New Year? Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Har Sinai: An Offer That Couldn't Be Refused Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Hashkafa: What Is It? Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Holy and Holy of Holies Shoshan, Rav Gidon
Holy Chutzpa Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Honestly? Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
How Could They Say Naaseh v'Nishmah Shoshan, Rav Gidon
How Texting and Facebook are Affecting Our Lives.mp3 Shoshan, Rav Gidon
I'm Doing it Right - Isn't That Enough? Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Ice Climbing and Avodat Hashem Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Identifying Greatness, Acheiving Greatness Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
If You're Happy 'Cause You're Jewish... Shuster, Rav Fyvel
In the Crosshairs Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Influence of an Individual's Community Shoshan, Rabbi Gidon
Inside\Outside Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Inspiration & Growth: Making It Happen Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Interconnectivity of the Jewish People Shoshan, Rav Gidon
Introduction to Slichot Kwass, Rabbi Eliezer
Introduction to Summer Zman 5775 Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Is Yom Kippur a Jewish Holiday? Kamenetsky, Rabbi Reuven
It's All You - NOT! Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
It's Not Where You Are, But How You Get There Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
It's the Little Things Shoshan, Rabbi Gidon
Jewish Leadership: It Starts by Being a Leader of YOU Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Jewish Leadership: Lead.Follow. But You Can Not Just Get Out of the Way Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Jewish Nation Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Jewish Unity - What it Should Look Like Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Judaism vs Scientism Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Just One Parameter Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Kedusha: The Jewish Mission Statement Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Knowing the Torah and Chazaring the Torah Haber, Rabbi Yaakov
Learning Torah - Loving Torah Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Learning: Zchus and Protection for Klal Yisroel Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Lessons from the House of Mourning Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Let Your Mind Coax Your Heart Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Letting Hashem in to our Lives Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Light of Rosh Hashana Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Love From Above Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Love Means - Part 2 Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Love Means... Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Making Sefirat HaOmer More Meaningful Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Matan Torah – Why Did We Need a Second Round? Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Mirrors, Wine, and Miracles: The Secret of the Jewish Woman Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Mission Always Possible Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Mission Impossible Karlinsky, Rav Shaya - Shurin, Rav Yitzchak
Mission Possible Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Mitzvat HaOmer: Show A Little Respect Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Mixed Fruits Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Moach and Lev Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Moving From World To World Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
My Fair Levi - Parshat Korach Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Night Seder: Partnering With Hashem Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Not So Simple Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
O Sweet Bitter Waters Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
One Day Schneider, Rabbi Gidon
One Nation Under G-d Shoshan, Rabbi Gidon
Open Heart Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Out of This World Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Panel Discussion Is Learning Gemara Supposed to be Enjoyable Pt 1 Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Panel Discussion Is Learning Gemara Supposed to be Enjoyable Pt 2 Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Parshat Bamidbar Shmuze Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Parshat Vayishlach Kolatch, Rabbi Yonatan
Partnering with Hashem Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Penimius Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Pesach Sheni: Looking for Opportunities, Looking for Excuses Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Pesach: Walking the High-Energy Tightrope Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Plus ca change-plus cest la meme chose Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Positively Negative Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Prayer - What are We Doing, What Do We Need To Do Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Pre Tisha B'Av Shmuze 5776 Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Preparing for Preparing for Purim Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Preparing for the Purim Season Shoshan,Rabbi Gidon
Preparing for Winter Zman - Beyond the Wow Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Purim - Realizing the Spiritual High Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Purim in Elul Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Pushing Back Nature Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Pushing Back Nature Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Rabbi Asher Brander Brander, Rabbi Asher
Reality Check Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Rebound! Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Remaining a Mentch Shurin, Rabbi Yitzchak
Restoring the Ideal Farber, Rabbi Menachem
Rich Man-Poor Man-Free Man - The Message of Matza Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Roots of Chanuka Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Scattered and Fragmented Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Second Nature Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Seder Arvit Reshut Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Sefirat Haomer - Appreciating Baby Steps Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Seize the Month Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Selfie Addiction Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Separation with Love Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Serving G-d Through Gossip Shoshan, Rabbi Gidon
Shavuos Mussar Shmuze Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Shavuos Shmuze Feldman, Rabbi Aryeh
Shavuos Shmuze Shoshan, Rabbi Gidon
Shmuze Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Shmuze - 10th of Teves Farber, Rabbi Menachem
Shmuze - Preparing for Chanukah Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Skeletons in the Closet Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Some of My Favorite Eitzot Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Sounds of the Shofar Karlinsky, Rabbi Ephraim
Stand Alone Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Staying Awake Shoshan, Rabbi Gidon
Step Outside, Please Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Struggling with our Identity Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Super Hero Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Surety - Focus - Joy Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Sweet Connections Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Taanit Esther Silverberg, Rabbi Elie
Take 2 Tablets Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Taking the Boy Out of Egypt Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Taking the Boy out of Egypt Can Take the Egypt out of the Boy Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Tefilah: Dialogue with the Almighty, Dialogue with Yourself Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Teshuva- The Tale of Two Desires Farber, Rabbi Menachem
The Banner of Matan Torah Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
The Battle of Chanukah Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
The Chronology of the Churban Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
The Confused World of Atheism Averick, Rav Moshe
The Death of Predictability Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchok
The Different Identical Offerings of the Nesiim Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
The French Professor and the Beinoni Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
The Golden Calf and the Spies: Diverting the Path of World History Farber, Rabbi Menachem
The Inner Connection Between Parshat Bechukosai-Lag BaOmer and Sefira Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
The Joker and the Clown Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
The Joy of (Not) Learning Torah Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
The King and I: Preparing for Rosh HaShana Shuster, Rav Fyvel
The Low Light of Chanukah Shoshan, Rabbi Gidon
The Many Languages of Joy Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
The Mir Yeshiva Escape to Shanghai Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
The Mission Statement for Living in Yeshiva Silverberg, Rabbi Elie
The Morning After Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
The Obstacle to Our Historical Journey Farber, Rabbi Menachem
The Pain and The Gain Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
The Paradigm Shift Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
The Power of Shabbos Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
The Real Legacy of Yaakov Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
The Secret of Three Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
The Sin of the Spies Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
The Staff & Serpent, The King & Fool, The Liver & Heart Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
The Successful Strategy for Rosh HaShana Shoshan, Rabbi Gidon
The Week of Hod, Aharon HaKohen, Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, Pesach Sheni and Lag B'Omer.mp3 Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
The World Makes Money Go Round Shuster, Rav Fyvel
There is More to Life than Cornflakes and Milk Shuster, Rav Fyvel
These Are The Journeys Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Think Big Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Three Weeks 5778 Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
To Eat As A Jew.... Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
To Feel As A Jew Shuster, Rav Fyvel
To Me or Not To Me Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
To Question or not to Question - that is the Question Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Tools For Memory Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Torah - A Hard Nut to Crack Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Torah Codes Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Torah of the Desert Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Transmission Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Tu B'Shvat Is Coming: A Holiday for the Trees? Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Turning Darche to Darche Noam Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Two Faces of Sefirah Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Tzom Gedalia Lynn, Rabbi Yaalov Lynn
Understanding Chosenness Shurin, Rabbi Yitzchak
Unleashing the Power of the Endangered Child Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Vat Else? Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Vat Else? - Part 2 Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Vayera Farber, Rav Mendel
Visiting the Sick Manning, R' Anthony
Watch Your Head Shuster, Rav Fyvel
We Are All Leaders Karlinsky, Rav Shaya
Welcome to the Avot Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Welcome to Yeshiva, Welcome to Shapells Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
What do we DO on Shabbat? Shuster, Rav Fyvel
What Makes Yaakov Run? Shuster, Rav Fyvel
What Next? Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
What's Inside Does Count Shuster, Rav Fyvel
What? The Three Weeks Again? Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Which Life Are You Living? Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Who Is in Control? Shoshan, Rabbi Gidon
Who Knows 10? Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Wholly Holy Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Why Did They Worship a Fly? Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Wind Resistance Shuster, Rav Fyvel
Winning the Judgement Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Wonderful Mar-Cheshvan Schoonmaker, Rabbi Dovid
Worlds of Kedusha Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Yaakov Avinu: Spiritual Growth-Every Day in Every Way Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Yeshiva: Boot Camp or Dude Ranch? Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Yitzchak's Laughter Shuster, Rabbi Fyvel
Yom Atzma'ut Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Yom Ha-Atzmaut Shurin, Rabbi Yitzchak
Yom HaZikaron 5779 Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya
Yom Ki-Purim Farber, Rabbi Menachem
You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet Hirshfeld, Rabbi Yitzchak
Your Mission: (Should you choose to accept it) Shuster, Rav Fyvel



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