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Thursday, Jul 18, 2024 Parshas Balak 12 Tamuz, 5784
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Project Genesis
Series: Methodology
Level: Advanced | Age: All Ages | Gender: both

21 files in this series.
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Title Speaker
A Chronicle of Successful Outreach Grunfeld, Rabbi Joseph Buy Now
Attracting & Keeping Newcomers Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Bein Adam L'Chaveiro Curriculum Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Creating a Baal Teshuvah Community Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Developing Creativity in Kiruv Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Entertainment as an Outreach Tool Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Facing the Firing Line: Ask the Veterans Multiple speakers Buy Now
How Successful are We? Re-Evaluating Our Methods Kohl, Rabbi Josh Buy Now
How to Use the Arachim Method to Support Your Programs Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Identifying and Reaching the Prospective Audience Cogan, Mr. Jesse Buy Now
Intehrating Kiruv into Our Communities, Schools & Shuls Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Kabbala Seekers, Ju-bus, & New-Agers: How to Reach Them, How to Teach Them? Seinfeld, Rabbi Alexander Buy Now
Kiruv at its Genesis: What did Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky Say? Shurin, Rabbi Yitzchak Buy Now
Modest Acts, Monumental Results: 4 Inspiring Stories of Outreach Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Outreach to Professionals and Specialized Audiences Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Rabbinics Jakobovits, Rabbi Lord Immanuel Buy Now
Reaching for Ecstasy: The Experimental Approach to Kiruv Weinberger, Rabbi Moshe Buy Now
The Baal Teshuvah Layman: A Powerful Resource Papock, Ms. P Buy Now
The Baal Teshuvah Outreach Professional Weinberg ztl, Rabbi Noach Buy Now
The Holocaust as a Lesson in Kiruv Neugroschel, Rabbi Dovid Buy Now
Transforming Families Through their Child's Summer Camp Experience Multiple Speakers Buy Now



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