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Thursday, Jul 18, 2024 Parshas Balak 12 Tamuz, 5784
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Project Genesis
Series: AJOP Convention 2011
Level: Advanced | Age: All Ages | Gender: both

38 files in this series.
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Title Speaker
1970-2011: How Outreach Must Change with Society Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Addressing the Real Life Needs of the Newly Observant as They Transition into the Orthodox Community Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Adolescent Adjustment in the Observant Community Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Building Your Fundraising Machine Karp, Rabbi Naftali Buy Now
Captivating Your Audience: 5 Keys to More Effective Public Speaking Landau, Mrs. Devorah Buy Now
Chasidim at Risk? Bergstein, Rabbi Eliyahu Buy Now
Developing an Integrated Model for Kiruv & Community Development Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Domestic Abuse: Does That Really Affect Us? Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Effective Public Speaking for Men Russell, Mr. Reuven Buy Now
Following Up After They Leave Our Nest Multiple Speakers Buy Now
From Discovery to Daf Yomi Karlinsky, Rabbi Shaya Buy Now
From Ivy Colleges to Trup Towers: How Creativity & Marketing Can Sell Your Programs for You Lightstone, Rabbi Aryeh Buy Now
Getting More From Your Team Deutsch, Rabbi Menachem Buy Now
Heart to Heart: A New Phenomenon on Campus Levine, Mr. Hart Buy Now
How the Secular Agenda of Promiscuity is Affecting the Orthodox Community Goldberg, Dr. Arthur Buy Now
How to Effectively Teach About Events in Israel Today Amsel, Rabbi Dr. Nachum Buy Now
How to Make Tefillah Spiritually Uplifting Goffin, Sherwood Buy Now
How to Start and Run Your Own Kiruv Organization Kahn, Rabbi Zev Buy Now
How to Use iPhones and Other Smart Phones to Reach Your Students More Effectively Seinfeld, Rabbi Alexander Buy Now
Integrating the Newly Observant into the Community and the Shul Glasser, Rabbi Yaakov Buy Now
Keeping the Spark Alive: Inspiration, Education & Flirtation Twerski, Rebbetzin Feige Buy Now
Kiruv with Compassion Twerski, Rabbi Dr. Abraham Buy Now
Misconceptions & Mistakes of Baalei Teshuvah: Are Kiruv Professionals Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? Becher, Rabbi Mordechai
Most Common Questions You'll Be Asked and How to Answer Them Edelstein, Rabbi Avraham Buy Now
Mussar and the 12 Steps: Torah Principles for Successful techniques for Spiritual Growth Twerski, Rabbi Dr. Abraham Buy Now
Our Job Just Got Bigger: An Honest Assessment of the Spiritual Health of the Orthodox Community & Its Impact on Kiruv Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Quality vs. Quantity in Kiruv Silkin, Rabbi Shimshon Buy Now
Relating to Jews of Different Observance Levels Rowe, Rabbi Daniel Buy Now
Shailos & Teshuvos: An Open Forum Cohen, Rabbi Dovid Buy Now
Strengthening Campus Kiruv Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Teaching Relationships & Taharas HaMishpacha: A New Way, New Material Herman, Rabbi Malcolm Buy Now
The Impossible Equation: The Never Ending Challenge of Balancing Family & Work Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Understanding & Learning from Divergent Approaches to Kiruv Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Using Popular Media to Attract Many More People & Effectively Teach Them Torah Values Amsel, Rabbi Dr. Nachum Buy Now
What Can We Do To Improve Kiruv Today? Multiple Speakers Buy Now
What to Learn with People with Limited Background Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Yesterday's Gedolim and Rabbanim, & Today's Kiruv Stolper, Rabbi Pinchas Buy Now
Your Disabilities are Your Greatest Abilities Wallerstein, Rabbi Zechariah Buy Now



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