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Monday, Jun 17, 2024 Parshas Beha'aloscha 11 Sivan, 5784
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Project Genesis
Series: Convention 2013
Level: N/A | Age: All Ages | Gender: both

37 files in this series.
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Title Speaker
60 Minute Primer to Preparing Effective Classes Fohrman, Rabbi David Buy Now
Bad Optics: Addressing the Image of Orthodox Jews in the Media Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Branding Your Organization into a Household Name Lubinsky, Mr. Menachem Buy Now
Building on Our Success for the Future Kamenetsky, Rabbi Sholom Buy Now
Busy Adults and Real Gemara Learning Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Cremation-Horrifically Popular Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Defining Goals, Defining Successin Kiruv Multiple Speakers Buy Now
E-Changes-New Approaches to Kiruv in a Rapidly Changing World Kohl, Rabbi Yehoshua Buy Now
Everyone Says It Can't Be Done: Managing Your Team to Achieve the Impossible Burg, Rabbi Steven Buy Now
Finding the Pleasure in the Mitzvos Felsenthal, Rabbi David Buy Now
Fires in the Castle: Never Doubt Klal Yisrael-Transforming Communal Challenges into Klal Triumphs Multiple Speakers Buy Now
From Ordinary to Extraordinary: From Broadway Performer to Kollel Wife Factor, Mrs. Rachel Buy Now
Getting Things Done: The Keys to Get Unstuck, Break Bad Habits and Become More Productive Frank, Rabbi Doniel Buy Now
Good Answers for Tough Questions: Da Ma Shetashiv Becher, Rabbi Mordechai Buy Now
Halacha Q & A Cohen, Rabbi Dovid Buy Now
Harnessing the Power of NO: Prioritizing, Delegtaing and Outsourcing Lightstone, Rabbi Aryeh Buy Now
Has Kiruv Peaked in North America? Multiple Speakers Buy Now
How to Easily Start an Accredited Continuing Ed Program for Medical, Legal and Business Ethics Grossman, Rabbi Yossi Buy Now
How to Nurture and Grow a Community from Small to Thriving Feder, Rabbi Shimon Buy Now
How to Teach When No One is Listening Cohen, Rabbi Dov Ber Buy Now
Intermarriage Crisis: The Irrelevence of Intermarriage Kornbluth, Rabbi Doron Buy Now
Keeping a Baal Teshuvah Community Healthy & Normal Spinner, Rabbi Josh Buy Now
Major Threats Facing the Jewish People: An Interactive Session Greenman, Rabbi Yitz Buy Now
Managing for Growth-A Strategic Business Approach Burg, Rabbi Steven Buy Now
Motivating Teens to Live Inspired Lives in an Increasingly Robotic World Lightstone, Rabbi Aryeh Buy Now
Nice Guys Finish First: Becoming Less Judgemental Adlerstein, Rabbi Yitzchok Buy Now
Power Fundraising Pepper, Rabbi Shimon Buy Now
Relationship Weinreb, Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Buy Now
Research: Taking the Guesswork Out of Kiruv Rosmarin, Dr. David Buy Now
Tapping into Your Gifts and Inner Strengths Shafier, Rabbi Bentzion Buy Now
The 7 Steps to Build, Inspire and Reward Your Own Recruitment Army Felsenthal, Rabbi David Buy Now
The Impact of Natural Disasters on Our Emunah Weinreb, Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Buy Now
Torah Education Technologies Designed With You in Mind Multiple Speakers Buy Now
Wake Me Up When the History Lesson is Over: A New Survey Course in Jewish History Amsel, Rabbi Dr. Nachum Buy Now
What I Learned on the Way to Jerusalem: A Fascinating Journey From the East Cohen, Rabbi Dov Ber Buy Now
What We Believe: Explaining Torah Shebaal Peh Bergstein, Rabbi Eliyahu Buy Now
When the World Went Mad: Teaching the Holocaust Amsel, Rabbi Dr. Nachum Buy Now



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