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Thursday, Sep 23, 2021 Parshas Sukkos V (CH''M) 17 Tishrei, 5782
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Project Genesis
Series: Animal Rights and Wrongs: Business and the Humane Treatment of Animals
Human rights have been at the forefront of activists' battles for centuries, but it is the movement for the ethical treatment of animals that has gathered steam during the last several decades. And while many will not wear furs or eat animal products, the reality is that it is exceedingly difficult to find an industry that doesn't use animals, be it as food, clothing, or subjects for testing. What is the Torah's view on our relationship with animals? Can we do whatever we please? Is it perfectly alright to cause them suffering so someone can enjoy a good steak? What about hunting? And what role does saving human lives play in determining what may be done? In this session, Ken Major, Product Manufacturing Expert and Shochet-in-training, and Rabbi Mordechai Fleisher, Director of Community Education for the Denver Community Kollel, explore this controversial subject.
Level: N/A | Age: All Ages | Gender: both

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Animal Rights and Wrongs: Business and the Humane Treatment of Animals Major, Ken; Fleisher, [Rabbi] Mordechai



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