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Tuesday, Jul 7, 2020 Parshas Pinchas 15 Tamuz, 5780
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What is MP3?

MP3 has become the commonly used format for converted audio files to be stored and transferred over the internet. These files take up much less space than the audio format used on, for example, a CD player.

There are actually three file formats that you will find in our library, as some files were encoded using RealMedia or WindowsMedia formats. The MP3 file type works on virtually all audio software programs and all MP3 players (obviously), so we use it for all lectures that we encode here. Other lecturers, however, can choose in which format to use in recording their files. This is indicated in the file details under "file type." Unfortunately, files that are encoded (recorded) in RealMedia or WindowsMedia formats are not compatible with one another. Fortunately either player can play MP3's. The good news is that most computers have enough space to have both programs. Learn more about free software by clicking our Help button. See What kind of computer and software do I need to use TorahMedia? in our Frequently Asked Questions to learn how to get these programs free of charge.

Bandwidth and file size - Another important fact to understand about MP3 files is that they can be recorded different bandwidth to produce different sounding and performing files. Recording at a low bandwidth produces smaller files with a telephone- like quality. Recording at a high bandwidth to produces a fairly large file with much higher sound fidelity. The smaller the file, the more quickly it streams or downloads.

You will note that some of our library offers you a choice about which bandwidth to download or stream. If you have a fairly slow connection or older computer, we recommend that you use the lower bandwidth in order to avoid a long delay on downloads. Please be aware, also, that many of the archival classes in our data base were NOT recorded with professional equipment. In these cases you may not notice a significant difference when you download at the higher bandwidth. The file only reproduces as much quality as there is in the original recording.


1Bechukosai 28 - The Case of the Women of Vienna and the Incredible Response of the Rabonim (cd)
1Nasso 30 - Davening/Bentching/Making Kiddush in Front of a Woman Who Is Not Properly Dressed (cd)
1A Guide for Wives- and Husbands - Part 2 (file)
1Tzav 18 - Eating Matzo When Ill (file)
1Yisro 31 - Davening for Personal Needs on Shabbos? (cd)
1Bereishis 30- Can You Make Kiddush for Some-one If It Is Not Shabbos for You? (cd)
1Tazria/Metzorah 20 - Mila on Shabbos - Fascinating Questions (cd)
1Bereishis 29 - Can Women Drink from the Wine of Havdala (cd)
1Chayei Sarah 20 - Kavana in the First Bracha of Sh'monei Esrei (cd)
1Vayeira 28 - Davening at Neitz or Davening with a Minyan: Which is Better? (file)
1Chayei Sarah 20 - Kavana in the First Bracha of Sh'monei Esrei (file)
1Balak 28 - Must You Wait for the Rav to Finish Shmoneh Esrai? Thoughts on the Tragic Kindnapping and Killing of the 3 Bochrim H"YD in Eretz Yisroel (cd)
1MIkeitz 19 - Hairbrushes on Shabbos - Permitted or Not Permitted? (cd)
1Bereishis 30- Can You Make Kiddush for Some-one If It Is Not Shabbos for You? (file)
1B'shalach 28 - Are Women Obligated in Lechem Mishna? (cd)
1A Touch of Rebuke (file)
1Vayeira 31-Doing Mitzvos for the First Time-Bar Mitzva Boy and Teflin; Woman and Candle Lighting-Do They Make a Shehechiyanu? (cd)
1Dispelling the Myths: Women in Tanach (file)
1Shailos U'Teshuvos-Women's Session (file)
1Miriam & the Mysterious Waters of Mei Meriva A (file)
1Energizing and Prioritizing Women's Programs (file)
1To Kindle a Soul - 5 (file)
1Guided Connections: Women's Networking (file)
1Special Session on Women's Issues (file)
1Keeping the Challenge in Perspective B (file)
1Teaching Women in Tanach (file)
1Gender Wars and Gender Differences (file)
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Pinchas ben Avrohom and Shprintza bas Yehuda Aryeh