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Saturday, Feb 29, 2020 Parshas Terumah 4 Adar, 5780
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Neshomo and Mimkomo - Full Album[00 - Complete Double Album]
Speaker:   Goffin, Sherwood
Series: Neshomo and Mimkomo
Lecture Details:  I am pleased to announce the reissue of my hit albums Neshomo (1972) and Mimkomo (1974) on one CD by Aderet Records, one of the two major Jewish recording distributors, in response to popular demand. This is directly a result of the many requests that you and others have made over the years, and I am grateful that these wonderful recordings have come to life once again.

From Aderet's website:

Sherwood "Shimon" Goffin's 1972 & 1974 best-selling albums reissued on CD! The first popular Jewish recordings to feature Grammy-winning musicians (ed.: Dueling Banjos; Bye Bye Miss American Pie; The Beatles horn section); Bostoner Niggunim, Soviet Jewry rally songs, and a treasure-trove of memories! Listen to the all-time classic albums "Neshomo" and "Mimkomo" once again. Who can forget "The Little Bird", "Neshomo", "Hatov", "Boruch Hamokom", "Chasal", "Kachol V'Lavan", "Mimkomo", and so many others? Enjoy the memories!

If you are interested in a 33 rpm vinyl record copy of the Mimkomo album (only) for $20 each (shipping included), please contact Cantor Goffin.

Listen to sample:

Library: Sherwood Goffin Music  View All Lectures
Level: N/A
Age: All Ages
Gender: both
Length: 1 hour 20 min.
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