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Friday, Nov 22, 2019 Parshas Chayei Sara 24 Cheshvan, 5780
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Sefer Devarim: A New Approach to Tochacha[183.02]
Speaker:   Zweig, Rabbi Yochanan
Series: Ethics on Parsha (Advanced)
Lecture Details:  In the beginning of Sefer Devarim, Moshe rebukes the nation for many of their past sins. Although we had been punished and rebuked time and again for our sins, with this book begins an entirely new sort of rebuke. This fundamental lecture offers important insights into some of the seeming contradictions in the Sages regarding the degree to which G-d is exacting in justice.
Library: Talmudic University of Florida  View All Lectures
Level: Advanced
Age: All Ages
Gender: both
Length: 33 min.
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